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We are a small company driven by a passion to innovate and design new products that make life easier, more convenient and better. Buku Design Ltd. was founded by Paul Brock as a vehicle to develop and sell products that we believe have some commercial value. And, while we are in our infancy, we have dozens of designs working their way out to market and hundreds of other designs that will never make it.

We have fun designing and developing new products all the time. And, we hope we can share the products we find helpful or useful with the rest of the world. Many of our other designs are posted to the 3d printing community via our website.

We have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing products. And, while historically design, engineering, manufacturing, documentation, marketing and sales required a significant team of people (in our experience), we are now able to do all of this ourselves in-house. This allows us to be, think and behave in a way that is less conventional compared to traditional product development. That in turn allows us to create innovative products that we think fill a niche.

All of our products are produced in-house using 3D printing technology. This allows us to make design changes and improvements quickly based on our own usage as well as our customers’ feedback. 3D printing also allows us to develop and produce products that might be less practical using traditional manufacturing methods.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our product(s) and welcome all comments, questions and feedback. Our goal is to continuously improve making products that make life better.