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At Buku Design Ltd, we design and produce consumer products founded on experience and need. All our products exist because we needed them or recognized a need for them to fill a functional role that might be suitable for more than just us. We have hundreds of product designs and are continuously developing new ones. However, only a select few meet our criteria for commercialization and are posted here on our website.


Our company enjoys a relatively new paradigm in the product “concept to market” process due at least partly to the availability of 3d printing technology and direct-to-customer sales via the Internet. Because of these new opportunities we can now innovate, design, produce and sell products in smaller quantities and at lower prices than ever before. With less waste, faster time to market, and the ability to make design changes and improvements on an ongoing basis.

As we release new products to market we will post them on our blog here. At the same time, all products are and will be listed in the catalogue which you can access from the menus above.

Many of our non-commercialized designs are posted as STL files for the 3d printing community via our website as well as thingiverse.

Our primary sales channel is Amazon. Currently our products are listed in the following Amazon sites:

Buku Design Shop on

Buku Design Shop on