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I love my dogs and what could be better than making a product that is good for them and makes taking care of them easier? Make-A-Bowl™ is a super compact and durable, foldable bowl frame which uses a poop bag to create a bowl. It is super convenient to keep with you on a walk, travelling, camping or whenever you are out and about with your best friend(s). Fits in your pocket when folded closed. Always clean and available when you need a bowl for water or food.

Make-A-Bowl™ folds extremely compact and then opens into a frame which holds a standard dog poop bag (approximately 8 inches across or larger). Together they form a 350ml (12oz) container.

After it is used, the bag can still be used for its original purpose. And, because you use a new bag every time you use it, the Make-A-Bowl™ is always clean and free of other contaminants that could affect your pet.

For more information or to purchase this product visit the Make-A-Bowl™ product page here.