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If you have followed my posts on the 3d printing community sites you would know that I really like to design and produce things that my wife wants. That makes it a lot easier for me to rationalize all the time I spend designing and producing products. Queue the BoobyTrap™, she wanted it and here it is…

This case set provides storage for silicone nipple covers. For those who don’t know, they are kind of like a strapless bra and allow women to be strapless but not bra-less. Lots of companies selling them but not much out there for well made cases for them.

BoobyTrap Overview
BoobyTrap Overview

The BoobyTrap™ won’t be of interest to many but for those out there that use silicone nipple covers this is the case you have been waiting for. It not only protects and safely stores your covers but also provides a drying rack so they can evaporate dry without re-accumulating dust.

For more information or to purchase this product visit the BoobyTrap™ product page here.