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The RagTag is great but the RagTag2 is even better! We redesigned the RagTag2 to grip thicker and larger towels, have increased strength and durability, and it is 100% recyclable PETG (no hardware or fasteners). As a result, it is also easier to maintain – it can be submerged in water to wash it. All of this at a lower price and in multiple colours.

The RagTag2 hooks onto your waist or pocket and holds a towel, rag or cloth so that you have it handy whenever you need it whatever you are doing. The RagTag2 will pivot and swivel to allow easy use of your towel without it releasing so the towel stays with you. However, if you need it to release you can pull the towel up and out of the RagTag2 or pull assertively on the towel and the RagTag2 will release.

For more information or to purchase this product please visit our RagTag2™ product page here.