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the RagTag™

We like to cook, a lot, and whenever I am cooking I like to have a clean towel or cloth handy. But slinging it over my shoulder is always followed by me putting it down and forgetting where it is. Or, at least not having it handy when I need it. So I wanted a way to attach the towel to myself but in a way that allows a reasonable range of motion with it (I mean not detaching it each time I use it). What we came up with is theRagTag™.

The RagTag™ hooks onto your belt, waist, pocket or anything else similar. It grips the corner of any towel in a way that holds it securely but will release it if pulled aggressively. At the centre of the RagTag is a steel bearing that allows the towel holder to rotate freely (360°). So when you lift the towel it follows your motion without resistance and when you let go it swings back down out of your way.

The RagTag™

For more information or to purchase this product please visit our RagTag™ product page here.