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The RagTag™ is a towel (or rag) holder that hooks onto your waistband, belt, or pocket. It is designed to allow you to keep a cloth with you while you cook, barbecue, hike, clean, work, golf or do whatever you do.

We developed this product out of our own need to keep a towel handy. The RagTag™ is designed to be quick and convenient to use. It will grip any towel, rag or cloth by simply sliding a corner or section of the material into the jaws of the RagTag™. However, the innovation of the RagTag is a primary central axis using a steel bearing and a secondary lateral pivot axis which combine to provide free movement of the cloth in any direction. And, with gentle use, the cloth in the RagTag™ will stay connected to you so that it is never out of reach. The RagTag™ will release the rag if you pull it up out of the jaw or pull on the cloth aggressively.

Key features and benefits:

Design and Manufacture

This product was designed and is manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.

The RagTag™ is designed by us in-house using 3D CAD software and manufactured by us using additive manufacturing technology (FDM 3D printing). It is produced using recyclable thermoplastic ABS which is inherently relatively strong, durable and resistant to corrosive chemicals.

Design Model
Exploded View

Because this product is produced using FDM printing technology the surface finish of the product is more coarse compared to typical injection moulded products.  As well, you may see slight imperfections, blemishes and subtle differences from product to product.  These characteristics are normal and reflect the unique individual nature of each production.  


1. Hook the RagTag™ onto your waistband, belt, pocket or wherever suits you.

2. Slide a corner of your towel into the flex jaw of the RagTag™. You can adjust the clamping pressure by insert more or less fabric.

3. To remove the towel, reverse it up and out of the flex jaw. Alternatively, the towel will release from the RagTag™ if it is pulled agressively.

To extend the product’s life and avoid fatigue within the plastic material, remove the towel or rag from the RagTag™ when not in use.


The RagTag™ is produced using recyclable thermoplastic ABS which is inherently relatively strong, durable and resistant to corrosive chemicals. However, since it is a thermoplastic, we recommend avoiding high heat (temperatures above 85°c (185°f)) and washing it only with warm water and dish soap. To avoid damage to the steel bearing, please do not submerge the RagTag™ in liquids.

This product is not intended to be disassembled and it is not serviceable. Please recycle where possible.


Our goal is to generally keep packaging to a minimum while allowing our product to arrive to our customers successfully. For this product, we have elected to use a resealable bag as the primary packaging. We hope the bag will find other uses with our customers or be recycled where possible. Given the durability of this product, no padding is used in the primary packaging.

Product and Product Packaging

When orders are fulfilled directly by us we use a padded envelope for shipping. We do not have any control over the packaging used when fulfilled by Amazon.

Package Graphics (Outside)
Package Graphics (Inside)


We warrant that our products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The details of our product warranty are available here.

Equally as important, we want all our customers to be completely satisfied with our products. That is more difficult to put into writing but if you are not happy please contact us and tell us about your experience. We will use your feedback to improve our products and services.

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