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The ultimate gimballed drink holder for your social adventures!



The BevvySteady™ is the ultimate gimballed drink holder for your social adventures! Designed for beer-loving, soda-sipping, beverage enthusiasts who refuse to be separated from their favourite drinks, BevvySteady™ offers unrivalled convenience and fun.

With its innovative belt clip and 3-axis gimbal system, BevvySteady™ keeps your drink secure and within reach as you move about at parties, barbecues, tailgates, and more.

This drink holder has an inside diameter of 68mm (2.68″) and accommodates the standard North American drink containers measuring 2.6″ or 66mm in diameter at the widest point of the body.

The following container sizes have been tested with it:

  • 355ml (12 oz) Cans – 2.6″ or 66mm in diameter
  • 341 ml Cans – 2.6″ or 66mm in diameter
  • 473ml (16 oz) Tallboy (Pounder) Cans – 2.6″ or 66mm in diameter
  • 500 ml Cans – 2.6″ or 66mm in diameter
  • 500 ml PET Bottles – 2.6″ or 66mm in diameter

Please note: Any container that is 2.6″ or 66mm in diameter at the widest point of the container should work in the BevvySteady.

Forget about spills and enjoy the freedom to socialize, knowing your beverage is always by your side. Elevate your experience with BevvySteady™, the essential accessory for every social occasion. Get yours today and keep the good times flowing!

Design and Manufacture

This product was designed and is manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.

The BevvySteady™ is designed by us in-house using 3D CAD software and manufactured by us using additive manufacturing technology (FDM 3D printing). It is produced using recyclable thermoplastic PETG which is inherently relatively strong, durable and resistant to corrosive chemicals.

The BevvySteady™ requires no assembly. The strength and durability of PETG allow this product to be expected to be used for many years.

Because this product is produced using FDM printing technology the surface finish of the product is more coarse compared to typical injection moulded products.  As well, you may see slight imperfections, blemishes and subtle differences from product to product.  These characteristics are normal and reflect the unique individual nature of each production.


This product is produced using recyclable thermoplastic and should provide many years of maintenance-free service. However, since it is a thermoplastic, we recommend avoiding high heat (temperatures above 85°c (185°f)) and washing it only with warm water and dish soap.

This product comes fully assembled and is not intended to be disassembled. And, it is not serviceable. Please recycle where possible.


Our goal is to generally keep packaging to a minimum while allowing our product to arrive to our customers successfully. For this product, we have elected to use a protective bag and a small corrugated box as the primary packaging. We hope the bag and box will be recycled where possible.

When orders are fulfilled directly by us we ship the product without additional packaging. We do not have any control over the packaging used when fulfilled by Amazon.


We warrant that our products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The details of our product warranty are available here.

Equally as important, we want all our customers to be completely satisfied with our products. That is more difficult to put into writing but if you are not happy please contact us and tell us about your experience. We will use your feedback to improve our products and services.

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